staying in touch – web style…

we’ve recently added some new features to the right side column of or web site. If you scrool down a little bit, you’ll see three pretty cool ways to stay in touch with us.

If you have skype installed, you can see whether or not we are on-line. If we are, you can simply click the button and we’ll start a Skype chat with you. You don’t need to know or really do much of anything. Just click the button.

If you are more of an AIM person, you can see whether or not we’re on-line, and if we are on-line, you can simply click the button to start an AIM chat.

Finally, if you more of a telephone person. You can easily call us 24 / 7 (of course we probably won’t pick up at say 3:00 AM). Click on the “Call Me” button, enter your phone number and name. Then, we will IMMEDIATELY call you (it’s really the computer calling you at this point). Once you answer, we’ll try to connect you to one of us. If we’re not available, we’ll send the call to voice mail.

It’s all pretty cool. And, it’s all a way we can stay in contact!