More Thoughts on Using Word Press as a CMS

I’ve been working at using Word-Press – the defacto blogging software – as a CMS. Just in case you don’t know… A CMS is a Content Management System. It is a way to let people update their sites without having to know HTML and other languages. A true CMS can do a lot more, but this is the baiscs – letting people edit their own content.

I’m powering my site on WordPress and have been thrilled.

But, just lately I have found some more enhancements that make it even more powerful. Here’s just a few:

custom login – lets the log in screen be customized to look like the client web site

custom admin – again let the admin area be customized with logos, etc.

Search Everything – lets WP search all pages – not just posts. This lets the static pages be searched.

E-Commerce – this was really cool. I added some basic e-commerce functionality to a WP powered site. Nothing super advanced here. If I needed a powerful store, I’d still go with something like Zen-Cart. But this was awesome!

There a great list of the needed plug-ins here: