Web Development – “IN DEMAND” jobs

As I’m sure anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock lately has heard, there is an economic recession going on around the country.

But, what I find very interesting is how despite the “recession” certain areas of the economy seem to be holding their own or even growing.  

Web Development might be one of those areas (interesting that a web developer would notice this).  According to odesk.com, several areas of web development continue to grow.  Odesk is an outsourcing job board sort of web site.  They match up freelance people to available projects – sort of a job board deal.

So, on the Odesk blog, they just recently talked about how web development jobs are growing rapidly:

“Knowing and being professional in at least some of the skills below to maximize your prospects for being employed.”

Odesk says jobs in PHP, AJAX, Javascript, XML, MySQL, CSS and Graphic Design are all growing.

According to their information, PHP related jobs are growing the fastest

PHP Job Growth ChartFrom their own blog:

“PHP is by far the most in-demand web development programming language right now. As you can see from the graph, it has enjoyed a steady climb from November 2007 leveling off in July 2008 at a spectacular 1400 jobs posted. The demand for PHP development work has tripled over the period of a mere 9 months.”

You can read the whole article here:


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