Yet More Reasons Why I Love WordPress

I was just recently working on a client’s site (Share Gain) – which, of course, is powered by WordPress.  WordPress has become my favorite Content Mangement System of late.  The work prompted me to renew my love for WordPress.

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I power my entire site using WordPress.  I’ve also started using it as the DEFAULT install for every single site I develop.

Here’s a quick story about a Fort Wayne area client that I was doing some web design work for.

We had just recently taken the new, updated site live (  Now ShareGain has started posting content from all their learning sessions on the site.  So, they just recently had a morning session and the President of the organization went on-line and posted a Google Docs Slide Show from the mornig.  They quickly wanted all of teh following (things we didn’t realize before we rolled out the site live):

  1. A way for people to get e-mail notifications whenever new content is posted to the site, AND a way to customize those notifications to only be when certain CATEGORIES are update (for instance – I can get notifications whenever something new is posted in the IT/Technology category)

    — DONE – just used Post Notifications  – I made a few small edit to have it not list all categories – as some categories are just for displaying content and things like that.  BUT, I was able to find some help on where to modify the PHP code from the authors page!  

  2. A way to let a presenter of the session know whenever a comment is added to the post – So, Craig, the President may make the post, but we want the session presenter to get an e-mail whenever someone makes a comment about this post.  That way the presenter is encouraged to go on-line and continue the discussion

    — DONE – just used Subscribe To Comments – no modifications (other than what is exposed via the admin panel) needed here – it just works like we wanted it out of the box

  All in all, it took me about an hour to get the changes done.  Thanks to the beauty of Open-Source, the beauty of GPL (that I can re-distribute and modify), and the beauty of WordPress. 

I can only image how long this would have taken trying to use a closed proprietary system. 

This is why I love WordPress and am using it in all my web design projects.