Digg Dialog with Marissa Mayer


Just recently, I’ve been watching the Digg Dialog with Marissa Mayer. I’m embedding it below.

But, first of all, a little information to make sure we are all up to speed:

1. DIGG – for those of you who don’t know about DIGG, you have to check it out. Digg is one of the most popular web site’s in America. Founded by Kevin Rose (his blog – http://kevinrose.com/), DIGG (http://www.digg.com) is a user generated news site.  Users submit new articles that they find on the web.  Then the users vote (i.e. DIGG) these stories up or down.  Stories with the most diggs appear at the top (on the home page).  With well over 50 million users – it can be VERY interesting to see what is being dugg right now.

2.  DIGG DIALOG – this is the same concept as digg – but applied to interviews.  DIGG will announce a new Dialog coming up.  Then users will submit questions that they would like asked.  Users will then vote (digg) stories up or down.  The top 10 questions – as determined by US, not the interviewer or news channel – are then asked.

Previous Dialog’s have included Trent Reznor, Richard Branson, Nancy Pelosi…

3.  MARISSA MAYER – Marissa is the Vice President for Search and User Experience at Google.  Her influence is all over the search side of Google.

So, the top ten questions, as voted on by the DIGG community were asked of Marissa.  Here’s the video: