Where in the world is my iPhone?

So, I was just reading looking at my RSS feeds this morning at the downtown Fort Wayne Starbucks.  While looking over updates for the morning, I noticed the Apple MobileMe RSS had an update (read it here: http://www.apple.com/mobileme/news/2009/06/find-my-iphone-announced-at-wwdc09.html).  The entry was about the new Find My iPhone feature that Apple just announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC).

Here’s the brief (very brief) run-down:

Suppose you have an iPhone, and it gets lost or stolen.  Using Apple’s new feature, you can log into your mobileMe platform and find out EXACTLY where that iPhone is.  You can even remotely “wipe” all the data from the phone.

The feature also works with the iPod touch for those of us stuck with Verizon Cell Phones.

Here’s a couple of notes:

  1. You must have a mobileMe subscription – which I think it totally worth it for the sync features alone
  2. The feature won’t be available until the new iPhone 3.0 OS is realeased on June 17
  3. Obviously, the iPod Touch can only transmit its location over open Wi-Fi – so it’s not really that useful

I’ve included two screenshots from my mobileMe account below:

Mobile Me - Lost my iPhone Menu Item
Mobile Me - Lost my iPhone Menu Item
MobileMe Lost My iPhone page
MobileMe Lost My iPhone page