Twitter for Business?

I’ve been spending more and more time using Twitter lately (  But, what I’ve been trying to figure out is how to make twitter into a truly useful, business application.  In other words – something other than just a time waster.

To that end, I just listened to a webinar from Sarah Milstein about Twitter fro business -  The webinar happened back on November 13, so it’s just a YouTube video, but it’s worth your time (even though it is about 60 minutes).

Here’s a short overview of some of the thoughts in the webinar:

1.  use – great way to search for all tweets about a particular subject – very useful.  Didn’t know that it existed.  But, I do now, and I like it.  Great way to find information about your brand, competitors, company, etc.

2.  use twitter for customer service – we all know Comcast customer service sucks (even Comcast knows it).  So Frank Eliason saw Comcast being railed on in twitter – everyone complaining.  So, he made an account and started talking back.  Has 18,000 tweets – most of them are “@” tweets – meaning he’s talking to people.  Wow.  Almost makes me want to use comcast….

3.  Be open and authentic – if you are a company be sure to put a real name behind the business – post at least daily – twice a day if possible.

A bunch of decent questions at the end. 

Pretty good – I worked while I listened to it in the background.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts….