Politics Get Dugg…

Digg (www.digg.com) is my favorite web site. For those of you who don’t know what it is, let me explain.

Basically, it is a “social news network”.  People (like you and me) surf the internet and find articles that we think are interesting and submit them to digg.  Then, other digg users (there are hundreds of thousands of them) see these newly submitted articles and decide if they think it is important or not.  If I like the story, or think it is important, i digg it (vote for it).  

The more digg’s the higher a story appears on the web site.  If a story gets enough digg’s, it appears on the home page.

So, basically instead of a very small minority of people deciding what they think we should hear about on the evening news, I get to decide – we all get to decide.

So, Digg has taken this concept one step farther.  What about a political interview.

What if we could interview political leaders.  But, instead of just the person doing the interview asking the questions, what if we could all submit questions?  Then, we all digg questions we like.  And, finally, the highest dugg questions get asked of the political leader.

Sound interesting?  

Well Digg has done it twice.  During the Democratic National Convention, they interviewed Nancy Pelosi (that’s right – Speaker of the House).

Now, they did it again with John Boehner – Republican House Minority Leader.

CNN actually conducted the interview, but Digg users (that’s you and me) submitted and voted on (dugg) the questions.  

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the video from CNN:

And, here’s the link to the Digg page: