I want Sandy…

I just signed up for a new service that I find really, really interesting. It’s at iwantsandy.com.

Basically, it’s a personal e-mail assistant. I can e-mail things that I need to keep track of, reminders, to-do’s, etc. and Sandy will remind me of them.

It’s great for things that don’t really fit into the calendar time slots or the normal to do sort of things. For things that you want to remember, but you don’t want to fill up your calendar or to do with, I Want Sandy is the perfect solution.

I’ve just started using it – sort of testing it out.

All I do is send an e-mail to a special address set up for me. The e-mail may say something like this: “Print Flight Confirmation tomorrow”. Then Sandy will send me an e-mail reminder tomorrow – at 5:00 AM (the time I picked to send me information that does not have a time tagged to it). Or, I can e-mail “Print Flight Confirmation Tomorrow at 5:00 PM”. Sandy the will send me an e-mail reminder at 4:45 PM to remind me to print out the confirmation.

It can also do reminders via text message if that is more to your liking.

Finally, in another awesome integration – it has two more features I haven’t explored yet.

1. It can integrate with Jott.com – another service I use. This means I can use my cell phone to call in reminders, then Sandy will grab the info and e-mail it at the appropriate time. Very cool!

2. It can also provide an iCalendar feed that you can subscribe to via Apple’s iCal or Outlook.