Backing Up Your Social Media

Hopefully all of us have heard about and are practicing good backup strategies on our computers.  As our lives become more and more centered around computers, the thought of loosing that photo, that file, that video has become more and more devestating.

But, one thing we often don’t think about is backing up our social life.  With pictures stored on flickr, videos on youtube, tweets on twitter, updates on facebook . . . we rarely think about backing up all of this data.

But, what happens if flickr should crash?  What happens if gmail should become unavailable?  What do we do if we need a link we had in a tweet, but twitter isn’t available?

Are we doing anything about backing up our “social stream”, our “cloud life”.

Well, here at EH Design, we’ve started using  While not the perfect solution, backupify provides a simple, secure and reliable way to back up your social data.  Right now, backupify supports services such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Flickr, Gmail, and more…

Let’s suppose I had earlier posted a tweet that contained a link to a great site that I wanted the world to know about.  But, now I’ve forgot what that link was.  And, to make matters worse, when I go to twitter, I find out that twitter is unavailable (something not all that uncommon).  Thanks to backupify, I can retrieve the most recent backup of my twitter account and retrieve that information.  Here a screen shot of the PDF I downloaded in seconds of some of my recent tweets:

Thanks to my backup of my social life, I can still retrieve my data.

Again, it’s still not a perfect solution.  For example,  backupify doesn’t support all social sites yet.  But, backup is a critical concept – and one we should all think about for our social life.

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