SEO and Domain Renewal

I just checked out this site:  It talk about the health of your site and things that you should do to improve you Search Engine Ranking.  I found about 3 or 4 things.  Here is what was suggested for my site:

  1. Meta Description too long – my description tag was 230 characters and the recommended is 150.
  2. Meta Keywords – the site said I had a high number of meta keywords.  And, while this is only marginally important to Search Engines, they still suggest reducing the number to just the key few.
  3. Domain Registration – it suggested I renew my domain for several years – as a 1 year domain is often a spam domain. 

So, I’m going to change all three and see what happens.  Right now I am number 22 on Google for “website design fort wayne”.  Will changing any of these help?  We’ll see.

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