Yep, We’re Helping To Sponsor a CoachShop

Together with a couple of my favorite organizations – TQM Network & Team@Work – EH Design is helping to sponsor a Fort Wayne, IN CoachShop.

Here’s a few of the details:

Team @ Work proudly presents:

“Beyond the Cubicle: Coaching Your Team in 2009”

  • Tuesday February 17, 2009 8:00 am to Noon
  • Fort Wayne Hilton
  • Increase efficiency and income with this valuable Coachshop.

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Ty Bello, the main presenter, is a friend and a client.  So, not only is EH Design a co-sponsor of the event, I am personally excited to be able to hear and learn from what Ty has to offer!

I would encourage any of you who are in the area to jump in on this great opportunity!

Here’s a few more details from the conference brochure:

Why a Coachshop?

Business seminars are a one-shot lecture. You sit. You listen. You leave. Coachshops are a learning experience that go beyond the “expert’s” information from the front of the room. In a Team @ Work Coachshop, you will be able to identify issues in your own business, and have the tools to devise a plan to fix them. Acquiring information is only half the solution; application is the other, key half. Our smaller class sizes allow for more personal interaction, and the chance to ask our Coaches questions. There is even an option for follow up: if you want more after our day together, our Coaches are available for focused, one-on-one coaching sessions with you and your team that build on what you have already discovered. (try getting that from a seminar!)

Why Now?

When belts start to tighten, two of the first things to go are “training” and “strategic planning”. Instead, survival mode kicks in. Remaining short-sighted means loss of vision and this can cripple a business. Yes, the economy is in trouble-but that doesn’t mean your business has to be also. Now is the time to regroup. Now is the time to focus on the future. Now is the time to think beyond what has “always worked in the past.” Now is the time to partner with Team @ Work.

Ty Bello, RCC

As a business coach, Ty has worked with companies in various market sectors including telecommunications, automotive, medical, and manufacturing. He is a Registered Corporate Coach and the President and Founder of Team @ Work. Ty is an author and speaker in high demand and our Team @ Work Coachshops have been widely attended across North America.