I’ve been using twitter a lot more lately.  I have to admit it, I’m not totally sure why.  There are probably a couple of reasons.  Some of the reason are good (probably).  But, one reason is that I just feel like I SHOULD.  As a web developer, designer, etc.  I just sort of feel like I should be using it.  I’m not sure I need to or am really gaining anything out of it.  But, I feel the pressure to do the latest, etc.  And, twitter is one of those…   So, I’m using it.

In just a couple of months of using Twitter, I’ve run across 15 or so people I’m following and about the same number who are following me.  I guess that’s good.

I’ve put out some requests (tell me about good books, etc.) and received back some decent input.

And, as much as I hate to admit it, one of my favorites on Twitter is Barack Obama.  I love how often he (I assume his staff) updates, how they direct me back to web site, etc.  He’s now like the #3 most followed person on Twitter – behind Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose (#1)).  Possibly as a political statement – I can’t even find the “OFFICIAL” John McCain twitter.  That has got to say something about the two campaigns.

But, perhaps the most interesting thought about Twitter was found in this link:

Apparently, this church had a live Twitter feed going on during church.  People contributed throughout the service.  Very interesting.  Not sure if it is the right technology or not, but it LOVE the thought.  I love the idea that technology is about a whole lot more than just a cool web site, a new thing, etc.  I love that technology can be about people.  About community.  About connecting people.  I think that’s really the power.

Maybe Twitter is more valuable than I thought?


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