Google page 1 – Fort wayne website design!

OK, if you have been reading my posts at all, I have finally cracked into page number 1 on Google!

My keyword / search phrase is “Fort Wayne Website Design”.  And my current results are:

Google: #7
MSN: #1
Yahoo: #1

 So, that seems like a pretty good results.  I’ll be watching my blog stats (I’m using both Google analytics and WP-Stats) to see if this means any more traffic.

Questions and issues that remain to be solved:

1.  Why don’t I appear in the top 10 LOCAL results in Google?
2.  Why do I appear #1 in Yahoo and MSN, but only #7 in Google – I need Google to be Top 5
3.  Is this a good search term?  Should I optimize for something better?  Should I “ADD” another option – i.e. try to stay #1 on the current term (“Fort Wayne Website Design”), but add another term?

So, I’ll be watching, reading data, and asking questions over the next month to see what the answers are.  Keep reading, I’ll have answers in the future.

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