One Less Reason To Hate Flash?

As some of you may know, Adobe just recently announced that Google and Yahoo will now finally be able to index flash files (read press release).  So, I was thinking about this and reading about this just recently.

Ran across this quote:

“As anyone who has had the pleasure of doing web design and development through marketing agencies knows, Flash tends to be wildly popular among clients and wildly unpopular among, well, pretty much everyone else.”  (from ars technica)

I loved the quote and I think it is basically true.  Flash is really loved by designers in hip marketing agencies (I know of a couple in my area – Fort Wayne).  But, just about everyone else hates it.  Why?  

  1. It’s slow – I HATE that – please wait – loading – bar that shows up on Flash sites – I usually leave
  2. It’s violates “normal” navigation and usability standards.  It’s flexibility is one of it’s weaknesses.  It allows designers to put navigation anywhere – breaking all normal conventions.  Making us wonder – just what does this do?  I wonder where the navigation is on this page – I usually just leave
  3. It has to be updated by a designer.  Need to change text in a flash site?  Great – hire the designer.  There really aren’t any good Content Management Systems for flash – no way to have authors, editors, etc.
  4. It’s not searchable – If you want a cool looking site, great – go with Flash.  But if you want visitors, go with something else.
But, no number 4 is no longer an issue.  My worry is that it will just encourage people to make bad use of what is a nice technology – just not for developing sites.

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