One of my favorite new web apps – sites is

I signed up for an account a couple of weeks ago and, unlike a lot of other “cool” things I sign up for, I actually find myself using this one.

Here’s the deal. You sign up for an account – verify your e-mail and at least one phone number. Then you can call Jott, say you want to leave a jott for me (or other people that you put in your address book) and then leave a message for yourself. The message is automatically transcribed and delivered to your e-mail within 10 or so minutes.

So, say you are on the road and have a really great idea, or want to remind yourself about some detail from a meeting you just left. Rather than having to scrounge around for a scrap of paper, now you just call Jott, leave a message for yourself, and it shows up in your inbox, completely transcribed.

Of course, should you need to, you can click on a link to hear the message as well, just in case the transcription got something wrong.

I was at a friend’s house the other night. He wanted us and another friend to get together for a cup of coffee the next day. I didn’t have my calendar with me, so I used Jott. The next morning, when I check my e-mail – there was the jott, waiting for me as a reminder.

It really is cool. You’ll have to check it out.

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