Another Survey?

While listening to Avinash Kaushik on JMP’s podcast (, I heard about 4Q – a very simple (and free) suvey tool to start to gather some information from you site visitors.

You sign up to use the service, make some basic customizations, upload your logo and voila – you are ready to go.

I’ve got it instlalled on this site.  About 30% of you should get an invitation.  30% of those who visit the site will be presented with an overlay that says they have been picked to answer a very simple 4 question survey (hence the name 4Q) about their experience with this site.  If they agree, a new window opens up at the bottom of the screen ready for them to answer once they are done at the site.

I haven’t had the service installed for any time yet, so I have no idea about how effective it is.  But, we’ll see.  According to Avinash, something simple like this is a great way to gather data. 

Typically when we think about analytics, things like muti-variant testing, A/B Comparisons, Regressions and all other sorts of complicated statistical things pop into our minds.  But, by simply asking people visiting our site – 

1.  Why did you visit our site

2.  Were you able to accomplish your purpose

3.  Why not (if no)

By simply asking people answers to these questions, we can figure out a tons of information.

It looks like a great service.  I’ll keep you up to date on what I find out.

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