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Eric Hall - @ehdesign

we do Fort Wayne Area Web Design & Development

Thanks for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile – let me give you a little background on who I am and what I do.

My name is Eric Hall and I am the President of EH Design & Consulting.  We are a Fort Wayne Based Web Site Design and Development Company.

At EH Design, we specialize in making the internet work.  We use technologies like PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax and a bunch of other cool buzz words to make web site do more than just belch out static information.  We also specialize in web based video.

I just turned 40 and have 3 great children.

@EHDESIGN on Twitter


You obviously have an interest in Twitter because you’ve clicked through on my Twitter Profile link. I’d love to connect with you there via my @ehdesign twitter account.

I try to keep my personal life relatively out of twitter.  Instead, I tend to tweet about technology, the internet…things that interest me and things that I’m reading.

I also have a blog.  Be sure to stop by.

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Thanks for visiting my about page – if you’ve not already, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter so we can interact there.

I’m also relatively active on other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn.

Of course, you can contact me directly using the contact us link above as well…

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    I love working with Eric. He's building two sites for us. You can't swing a cat without hitting a web designer these days but they are clearly not all created equal. Eric's technical skills are a given but he's also trustworthy and fun to work with. Eric inspires me

    Rebecca Hession
    Franklin Covey

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