Anna Lenardson says:
    02/16/2011 Reply

    Hey Eric! I am considering buying either a kindle or an ipad, and I was looking for opinions about different devices online … and somehow I ended up here! Imagine my surprise when I saw your face!

    but seriously. I am considering an ereader … living in Portugal, English books are a little costly. What do you think ipad vs. kindle? I think I would use the other features … I’m a teacher and often use my aging laptop to download videos for school or give power point presentations. Advise me!

    Good to see you and hear your voice. Give a hug to Becky for me!


      Eric says:
      02/16/2011 Reply

      Anna –

      Wow, I know it is cliche, but what a small world.

      I’m thrilled you found the site. And, I’ll be sure to pass along to Becky.

      I’m putting together a Blog post about the pro’s and con’s of Kindle vs. iPad. I’ll make sure you get the link!!


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