Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimizaiton

Getting online is easy, but getting found online can be hard.  At EH Design & Consulting, we specialize in helping companies get found online.

We call it SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  Simply put, it’s the process of getting your site found online. It’s doing what it takes to move your site higher up on search engine rankings.

We use a straight forward, but proven  five step search engine optimization process:

Step #1: Research and Choose the Right Keywords

We help you choose the words that matter.  We’ll research keywords and look for the words and phrases that your customers are really using.  Together we can focus on the keywords that will reach your customers!

Step #2: Benchmark Your Current Site

After we choose the best keywords, then we evaluate how well your current site is performing for these keywords.  Is your site even showing up on major search engines?  What page are you on?  Are you found in the local listings?  Before we make any changes, we want to know where you are right now.

Step #3: Optimize Your On-Page Content

Now that we have chosen the optimal keywords and benchmarked your current status, it’s time to look at your site.  We evaluate over 20 different categories to determine just how well you current site is performing.  Then we optimize your page to rank as high as possible for your keywords.

Step #4: Create Incoming Links

With your on-page content optimized, now it’s time to start creating links to your site.  We scour the web, looking for related content that might be able to link to your site.  Every incoming link to your site, counts as a “vote” from that site that your site should rank high on the search engines.  The more votes, the higher you rank.  We work together with you to create incoming links and to create ongoing strategies to continue to build high quality incoming link.

Step #5: Wait and Re-Benchmark

The final step is to wait to make sure the major search engines have re-indexed your site and then to re-benchmark your site and celebrate our progress!

Together we can often see sites move from near obscurity to first page on all major search engines.

Want to know more?  CONTACT US today and we can talk more about helping your site move from lost to found!

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