Embedding Fitness Videos

For a while now, those of us here at EH Design & Consulting have been working with Eimer Group International to develop a world-class fitness site – currently located at www.eimergroup.com/fitness.

Lately, one of the technical challenges on the Eimer Group site has been allowing users of the site to embed videos from the site onto their own site.  This is the same service that YouTube / Vimeo / Viddler / etc. all offer.

But, developing the service from scratch has some technical challenges.  Just last week, we were able to work out those challenges and develop a simple system that allows users to embed the videos.

Here’s a few features / decisions we went with:

  1. use iFrames instead of Embed / Object tags.  This will make the videos more likely to work on mobile (non-flash) devices.  While we are currently using flash videos, in the near future when we make the shift to H.264 videos, the videos will continue to work on mobile devices
  2. only “embed” once – we give the clients three “embed” codes (technically iFrame codes, but it’s easier to call it embed).  They have an embed for code for video 1, for video 2, and for video 3.  Once they insert these code, they never have to update them again.  When new videos are posted to the fitness sites, these iFrames are updated automatically.
  3. allow office staff to enable or disable the embed feature as needed.  Finally, we wanted to make a way for the office staff to turn on or turn off this feature for individual users.

With all that said, here’s the simple result – one line of code embedded as an iFrame.  Enjoy!

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