Seth Anderson says:
    10/12/2009 Reply

    I found you! 🙂 Looks like this page is now about 10-12 when I searched for Fort Wayne E-Commerce. Excellent! I love your clean-n-easy page layout. It should work well for people to find you when they are looking for someone for there E-Commerce related needs for Fort Wayne area businesses looking to expand on the internet. I wonder how much the comments play into content on a website such as this? I know I have found sites where the keywords I’m searching for were only in the comments section that someone else left besides the original author, so it seems logical that this text should help… Feel free to delete it if needed…

    Oh – Something else I just thought of – If you add some links on this page with the anchor text of E-Commerce or even E-Commerce in Fort Wayne back to your homepage it may help in making your root web page the landing page for G (I don’t like to type out its name too much – afraid it will know I’m talking about it) instead of the blog posting… just a thought.

    Take care!


    Eric Hall says:
    10/12/2009 Reply

    Seth –

    Thanks for the comment. I have been doing a lot of work on SEO for the site. It’s a somewhat crowded field – with a lot of self-proclamed experts. But, I’m noticing a lot of success at getting better ranking. I will be sure to stay in touch – Glad that your e-commerce sites in Huntington are doing well.


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