Fort Wayne Landscape Search Engine Case Study, part 2

Posted by Eric
on 03/19/2012

In our previous post, we talked about the beginnings of our Search Engine Optimization for Rozelle Lawn and Landscape.  In the previous article, we talked about our basic first round of optimization:

You can see Rozelle’s Local listing for Fort Wayne Landscape Contractors on Google

  • Setting up Google Local
  • Submitting the site to Google and Bing
  • Setting up Google Webmaster
  • Setting up an XML sitemap
  • Setting up Google Analytics

Now, we’ve moved beyond the basic items and have started looking at both on-page items and incoming links.

For on-page items, we’ve started looking at items such as:

  • H1 tags – These are typically the largest headlines at the top of the page.  Google “thinks” that they are a good description of what the page is about, so it’s important that they contain your key terms
  • Title tags – these are the words found at the very top of the browser – in the tab or window heading.  Again, Google views these as an overview of what your page is all about.  So, it is critical to make sure they contain your keywords
  • Length of page – while longer isn’t necessarily better.  Most experts believe pages need to be at least 250 words long.

Right now, we’re still working on the site.  We’ve seen the site grow from near oblivion to the second page of Google.  And, while we acknowledge that the second page of Google can be almost worthless, we’re excited that we are making some progress.

Fort Wayne Landscape Google Results - Rozelle Lawn and Landscape










Keep checking back and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on what’s happening.

Until then – feel free to visit the site: Fort Wayne Landscape – Rozelle Lawn and Landscape!

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Search Engine Optimization Case Study – Rozelle Lawn and Landscape, part 1

Posted by Eric
on 03/06/2012

Here at EH Design and Consulting, we’re thrilled to be working with Rozelle Lawn and Landscape.  We’re working with Rozelle on search engine optimization – working together to help their website show up higher on search engines.

Rozelle Lawn and Landscape is one of Fort Wayne’s premier Landscaping Contractor.  They are a family owned and operated business that has been in business for over 25 years!

However, there website doesn’t show up anywhere on Google!  We did some quick checking on various keywords and found that the site wasn’t showing up anywhere on Google nor on Bing.

So, we started working on the site.  Our first round of edits involved some pretty basic things:

  1. Setting up a Google Local listing (although we are waiting to verify the listing right now)
  2. Submitting the site to Google and Bing
  3. Setting up the site on Google Webmaster Central and on Bing Webmaster Central
  4. Create an XML sitemap
  5. Install Google Analytics

After these “basic” items, we are ready to take a look at the actual site.  That’s the step we are on right now – looking at content.  We’re right now in the process of looking at “on-page” items such as title tags, alt tags, meta tag, actual content, URL structure, etc.

We’ll be sure to post an update when we get new results from Google.

You can see Rozelle’s Local listing for Fort Wayne Landscape Contractors on Google

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Rozelle Lawn & Landscape - Lawn Care, Lawn Mowing, Landscape Contractor

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Two New Sites Go Live!

Posted by Eric
on 12/05/2011

Here at EH Design we’re always excited when a new site goes live.  So, when two sites go live on the same day, we’re even more excited.

Today, we launched two new site:

Cornerstone Edge

Cornerstone Edge, LLC is a professional Supply Chain Logistics consulting firm offering a full range of supply chain services. Their service offerings range from facility planning through implementation of appropriate technology that improve customer service, increase profitability, and reduce inefficiencies within your operation.

Want to learn more?  CLICK HERE to visit their site!


360 Property Management

360 Property Maintenance and Management, a family-owned and operated property maintenance and management business headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN. Their service area covers the greater Fort Wayne and surrounding area. With the individual property owner in mind, their goal is to provide hands-free and trouble-free ownership of an investment property, while also keeping the service affordable and cost-effective.

Want to learn more?  CLICK HERE to visit their site!

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RE.mix – how video is reinventing business

Posted by Eric
on 10/01/2011

Craig Crook & I started a new series called RE.MIX [exploring how business is being reinvented]. You don’t have to look far to see advances in technology, communications or in scientific management & operations. This is creating huge business development opportunities for organizations of all sizes and we’re picking the top trends from our work in helping companies execute these changes. This episode – we are talking about one trend in using online video and how it’s driving down costs and opening new markets.

Need more help?  Still have questions?  Connect with us and let’s talk about your needs!

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