SEO Update – Fort Wayne Web Design – Doing Better

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know that I have been working hard over the past couple of months at getting my web site to appear at the top of Google, MSN, and Yahoo for the key search term of “Fort Wayne Web Design.”

Well, my site continues to move up the rankings.  Here’s the latest results:

  1. Google – I’m currently number 5 on the site.  If you search for “Fort Wayne Website Design”, I am currently number 2 and show up number 5 in the local listings.  So, the big questions – what’s causing the difference?  Why am I higher for “Fort Wayne Website Design” than for “Fort Wayne Web Design”.
  2. MSN – I’m currently number 1 on the site.  I’m not totally sure what is different about MSN’s sorting process, but I seem to have a much easier time getting to number 1 on MSN than on Google.
  3. Yahoo – I’m currently number 4 on Yahoo.

So, all in all this is really good news.  The “Fort Wayne Website Design” versus “Fort Wayne Web Design” thing on Google is a bit perplexing.  Also, it looks like over 200 people a month search for “Fort Wayne Web Design”, but there isn’t enough data on “Fort Wayne Website Design”.  So, obviously, it’s much less than 200.

So, has all the work paid off?  Well let’s look at traffic.  According to Google analytics, I have received almost 32% of my visitors from Google.  The number one term?  You guessed it – “Fort Wayne Web Design”.  It’s still not a ton of traffic, but it a narrow space.  I compared that to November 2008.  Back in 11/2008 I received 16% of my total traffic from Google.  And, the search terms were all over the board – just really random stuff – fort wayne chat, lotus jump, how to do maintenance, etc.  So, I’m definitely making progress.  The next question is – how many of these visitors have moved into actual clients?

That’s really my next step – start looking at what these visitors are doing on my site and working to generate a higher contact form conversion.  I’m not sure I have all that figured out yet on Google Analytics.  But, I will.

To that end, I’ve created and subscribed to an RSS feed of all my contact form submissions.  While I could just go back and look at my e-mails, a nicely formatted RSS feed, showing up in my MAIL program seems like a really easy way to be able to quantify how many people are contacting me.

Right now, my concerns / thoughts are:

1.  Is my contact us form to low on the contact us page?  Is there too much text?  Are people missing the form?

2.  Should I have more ways to contact me – perhaps a request quote form or get more information form?

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted with anything I learn.

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