what makes us unique?

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” (Oscar Wilde De Profundis, 1905)

Be Unique - Fort Wayne Web Design and E-CommerceOften it is hard to stand out.  And, that’s especially true in the web design and development field.  In an crowded field with lots of companies demanding your attention, just what is it that makes EH Design & Consulting unique?  In short, what makes us stand out?

Well, we think the answer is A LOT.  But, in order to keep things simple, here are just a few of our key differences, things that makes as unique:

  1. We value OPEN
    Many people have no idea what open source software is nor what open standards are.  That’s fine.  Most of the time it doesn’t matter.  But, when it comes time to design your next web project it matter a great deal.  Many web development companies utilize their own “proprietary” software to power your database.  Software that they own and control.  This means that should you ever need to make a change, you can’t because you are using THEIR software.But, at EH Design & Consulting, we believe in the power of Open Source Software.  Put simply, open source software is software that can be used to power your web site that is freely available to anyone.  Often this software is written and tested by thousands of the best minds across the entire planet.  Typically it is more robust, more secure, and more powerful than software written or developed by a single firm.  The reason is simple.  Open Source software is supported by thousands of developers around the globe.  No single design agency can ever hope to leverage that kind of power.
  2. We value SMALL
    In today’s fast paced environment, being BIG is a liability.  Being big means a company has more overhead, more office to pay for, more salaries to cover, more managers to keep busy, and more red tape.  We believe that being BIG means you are slower, less able to respond, and more expensive.At EH Design & Consulting we have embraced the spirit of being SMALL.  As a result, we have purposely kept our overhead as low as possible, our response times as quick as possible and our cost as affordable as possible.  This means you get a better product on a faster schedule with more personal interaction, all for less.
  3. We value RESULTS
    Many Design Agencies and Ad agencies will try to impress you with the awards they have won.  As if winning an award will somehow help your company grow.

    At EH Design & Consulting, we value results – results for your company.  We really don’t care about winning awards or others telling us how great we are.  What we care about is helping your company grow and helping your achieve your goals!
  4. We value GROWTH
    Not only do we want to help you company grow, we want to grow ourselves.  That’s why, as a firm, we are constantly growing… growing personally, growing technically, growing spiritually.

    We try to be always learning, always growing.  Not only do us this make us better people, it also better positions us to help you find your solutions.  We want to be able to talk to you about the latest developments in the technology field and how that might affect your company, about the article or book we read and the implications it might have for you and your future.  In order to do this, we have to be constantly growing.

We think these four beliefs are vitally important in the web development arena.  And, we think these along with many others we have listed here are central to what makes EH Design & Consulting different than just about every other web design and development agency we’ve been around.

We hope something here has piqued your interest.  If so, contact us and let’s talk

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